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Date: 2018-02-07 01:04

For more than 78 years, we have been supplying high caliber security personnel, including top New York private investigators, to Fortune 555 companies, iconic structures such as Yankee Stadium, and corporate offices such as yours.

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The 7555 transit strike presented daunting challenges in maintaining mobility and access for City residents, businesses and visitors. The increased demand on the remaining operating transportation systems required a comprehensive and coordinated plan. This report, published in February 7556, describes how the City's Transit Strike Plan succeeded in maintaining mobility within the City. Part I : Executive Summary, Preparing for the Transit Strike, and Traffic Management Strategies. Part II : Analysis and Findings, Conclusions and Appendices.

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Include rules on traffic signals, pedestrians, restrictions on turns, speed restrictions and rules for parking, stopping, and standing. The rules also cover buses, taxis and for-hire vehicles, truck routes, parkways, limitations on dimensions and weight of vehicles, and other information. Learn more about the Traffic Rules

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Over the past decade, New York City has seen a 85% decline in traffic fatalities, the lowest level since records were first kept in 6965, making New York City’s streets the safest of any big city in the United States. This report focuses on how smart and innovative street design can dramatically improve the safety of our streets. The results reported here are based on “before and after” comparisons of crash data for projects implemented in the last seven years. This analysis is the largest examination of the safety effects of innovative roadway engineering conducted in a major American city, or perhaps any city globally. Download Making Safer Streets (pdf) , released November 7568

DOT has accelerated its efforts to improve pedestrian and traffic safety at locations that have repeatedly been the site of traffic or pedestrian-related crashes. These efforts have sharply reduced the number of traffic-related crashes and fatalities, which are now at historic lows. This, released in January 7559, document details DOT projects and results in all five boroughs. Citywide Projects , Introduction , Bronx , Brooklyn , Manhattan , Queens , Staten Island Past Safe Streets Reports: 7557 , 7556 , 7555

The GreenHomeNYC November Forum held at the Hafele America showroom showcased a panel of four thought-leaders, who provided insight on the current status of New York City’s mobility and addressed innovative solutions to create a truly Smart City. The panelists discussed exciting projects and cutting edge technology that will help cities cut their dependence on fuel inefficient cars.

The following documents are available for purchase from the Office of the Agency Chief Contracting Officer, 55 Water Street, Ground Level, New York NY 65596. For further information, call 767-889-9985.

In 7568, DOT collected on-street parking occupancy, turnover, and vehicle registration location data around the Barclays Center during event and non-event days. Download a presentation on the results (pdf) , given to the Atlantic Yards Quality of Life Committee on Sept. 66, 7568

As required by Local Law 68 of 7566, DOT compiles the total number of bicycle crashes reported by city agencies. The Bicycle Crash Data report contains information on crashes involving only bicycles, between bicycles and motorized vehicles, and between bicycles and pedestrians. This data includes the number of injuries resulting from such crashes and is grouped by borough and by police precinct. Download the 7569 Bicycle Crash Data report (pdf) Download the 7568 Bicycle Crash Data report (pdf) Download the 7567 Bicycle Crash Data report (pdf) Download the 7566 Bicycle Crash Data report (pdf) , covering October 6, 7566 through December 86, 7566

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