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How To Wire Driving/Fog Lights – Moss Motoring

Date: 2018-02-07 14:10

Installing new fog lights on your vehicle can greatly improve your visibility in poor weather conditions. Most kits come with detailed instructions on how to install them, and are designed for those with little to no wiring experience. Installing fog lights will be different on every car model. Follow these general steps for a guide on getting started.

Fog light hook up.

The relay is wired next. The power source for the relay is drawn from the low beam wire of the left headlight, as noted above. Splice a red wire from the headlight wire to the relay terminal “85.” This line needs a 65-amp inline fuse, so be sure and wire one in. The final terminal on the relay is numbered “87.” This terminal will carry power to the fog lights.

How to Hook Foglights to a Toggle Switch | It Still Runs

9. Remove the two connectors. The small connector is released by pressing the lock in the side facing the rear. The large connector is released by pressing the lock on the white hold down and lifting the hold down as you work the plug off.

How To Wire Fog And Driving Lights Harness Wiring Diagram

If I understand correctly, you have the power for the new lights tapped off the low-beam source, and the power for the relay coming from the fuse-block. Wouldn 8767 t that load down the low-beam circuit even more? Would it be better to reverse them and have the new lights coming from the fuse-block and the switch wiring off the low-beam wire? Functionality remains the same.

Hey thanks. I figured as much, but didn't know how far the wiring went out. Now I get to sawzall the dash for the switch!

Step 6 : First of all, let's take a look at this diagram below so you will get a clear idea on how to hook up all the parts.

The switch has two remaining terminals. Connect a green wire from the “acc” terminal on the back of the switch to the number “86” terminal on the relay. The last terminal on the switch connects to the power source. This white wire will need a 65 amp inline fuse and is connected to the fuse block.

Turn on the ignition and hit your switch. Nothing should happen. Now, turn on your headlights to “low beam” and the fog lights will come on. Toggle the switch and see that the lights work properly. Use lock ties to secure all wires.

I am wiring a pair of hella driving lights on my 68 677s, and I can 8767 t figure out where on the fuse box I should be going with the wiring. Do I have to cut in to the wires at the head lamps to make the driving lights work?

You will need a fuse/breaker and a relay , they both go in the fuse panel. Plug in the factory switch and your ready. The wires should be behind the bumper or around the steering box. Best I remember you must have the headlights on for them to work and on some trucks they went out when you put the high beams on. All the older CH Mack cab wiring harnesses were the same regardless of options, so all the wiring is there,

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