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“The failure of so-called ‘skinny repeal’ is a victory for all working people, for everyone who needs the freedom and security of affordable health insurance, for everyone who has a pre-existing condition, for everyone who worries about what a catastrophic illness or injury will mean for their family.


Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin wasted no time he signed 8775 Right to work 8776 is WRONG into law  on Saturday  as soon as the bill hit his desk. Kentucky is now the 77th state in America to have this anti-worker law that leads to lower wages and benefits and higher injury and death rates on the job.

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Committee members also heard from OCSEA/AFSCME Local 66 members from the Montgomery and Developmental Centers that are slated for closure. They called on legislators to keep the doors open of the two state facilities where severely developmentally disabled individuals reside. They were joined by individuals and families who praised the institutions and said they offered the best environment for their loved one.


Local 7979 members representing the city’s service, maintenance and clerical departments overwhelmingly voted to reject the administration’s offer.

For a street-level view just ask City of Cleveland AFSCME Local 655 member Henry Hughes. Hughes was dispatched to check out a problem on the city’s East Side. After parking his truck on the street near the suspected leak, he returned shortly and was surprised to find a sinkhole had opened up and swallowed the vehicle.

What makes Right to Work is Wrong states even worse is the lack of jobs and opportunities. Right to Work is Wrong laws don’t create jobs. What businesses are looking for when they move and hire is a well-trained workforce and great communities. And good businesses are willing to pay good wages for skilled workers in healthy communities.

The problem here is that you don 8767 t understand the concept of subjectivity. Just because you believe that one opinion is right, does not mean it is. Opinions are not facts at all.

Building load calcs. require a lot of educated guesses, but each estimated value is only part of your resulting load. And each value is estimated based on a worst case scenario as opposed to an average. . you would not consider a house full of people on a sunny afternoon as your design conditions.

Please take a moment to read the statement and educate yourself about the task ahead. Then, click here to visit AFSCME Strong and see how you can join the fight.

AFSCME Council 8 President John A. Lyall, standing, and Ohio AFL-CIO President Tim Burga were guest lecturers at an undergraduate course focused on organized labor offered at Ohio University.

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