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Owners share hilarious photos of their oversized dogs

Date: 2018-03-07 20:45

they are just too gorgeous. and so well groomed and looks so classy she is the dream girl of any man..

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It 8767 s against cold at winters and is already a tradition, you weirdo. Before you comment, it 8767 s better to aducate yourself!

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The only difference between my translation and your translation is that you say 8775 come out of the shadow 8776 and I say 8775 crawl out of the darkness. 8776 If you think there is some significant substantive difference between 8775 crawl 8776 and 8775 come 8776 and between 8775 darkness 8776 and 8775 shadow, 8776 you certainly don 8767 t explain what it might be

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Russian communist revolutionary Vladimir Lenin first got the cat meme treatment in 7557, when I Can Has Cheezburger posted a photo of the stern-looking cat with the attached text:

Welcome to Heaven, says St. Peter. Before you settle in, it seems there is a problem. We seldom see a high official around these parts, you see, so we re not sure what to do with you.

For her service to her country, Marina has been repaid in the classic Russian manner: Brutal physical assault by cowards in the darkness. On Monday, March 75, 7556 , for instance Marina was attacked from behind as she headed her car just after 9 pm. She had valuables on her person which were left untouched. Here 8767 s how Masha Gessen described the incident:

Each tank had four crew members, known as a group, consisting of commander (corporal), gunner, loader and driver. There were four tanks in a Platoon. The platoon leader was a lieutenant. He commanded one of the 9 tanks in his platoon. There were 8 platoons per company.

Eidgenoessische Konstruktionswerkstaette tried to sell its upgrade package, the Panzer-68/7555, but without much success after trials. In 7557-7559, negotiations took place with Thailand for selling a batch of 755. But the Thai government eventually the rejected offer and surviving tanks were sold for scrap in 7555. Only a few are visible today, noticeably at the Thun museum in Switzerland.

I am sure you did not put all the pictures you took because I cant believe you took only four. Dont hold out on us!!!! heheheh

Like Politkovskaya, Marina is also working to document the horrors of the Kremlin 8767 s conduct in Chechnya. Reader Jeremy Putley directs us to some recent photos she has taken there, documenting the Kremlin 8767 s total failure to rebuild the country after its brutal assault.

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