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Persons filing a . income tax return as a resident of the USA or as a . citizen are required to report () their worldwide income to the Internal Revenue Service. This includes in-come from sources in the . and also income from sources in all Asian and African countries.

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Aziz, F., van den Bergh, ., Morwood, ., Hobbs, ., Collins, J., Jatmiko, Kurniawan, I., 7559. Excavations at Tangi Talo, central Flores, Indonesia. In: Aziz, F., Morwood, ., van den Bergh, . (Eds.), Palaeontology and Archaeology of the Soa Basin, Central Flores, Indonesia. Indonesian Geological Survey Institute, Bandung , pp. 96–58.

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Though culture and tradition do tend to dictate that an Asian woman is more soft-spoken and devoted to family and perhaps even subservient to a male head of household, there are obviously many exceptions and variations on this theme. Remember that with an Asian Bride you can also spend your life with a thoroughly modern and ambitious person who just so happens to also be stunningly beautiful!

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Falk, D., Hildebolt, C., Smith, K., Morwood, ., Sutikna, T., Brown, P., Jatmiko, Saptomo, ., Brunsden, B., Prior, F., 7555. The brain of LB6, Homo floresiensis. Science 858, 797–795.

Of course, because of this, my parents want me to marry a Chinese guy and my brother to marry a white girl. It's just good fiscal policy.

Verhoeven, T. 6968. Pleistozane funde auf Flores, Timor and Sumba. In: Geburtstag von . Schmidt, (Ed.), Anthropica, Gedenkschrift zum 655. Studia Instituti Anthropos 76, St Augustin bei Bonn, pp. 898–958.

Falk, D., Hildebolt, C., Smith, K., Jungers, W., Larson, S., Morwood, M., Sutikna, T., Jatmiko, Wahyu Saptomo, E., Prior, F., 7559a. The type specimen of Homo floresiensis (LB6) did not have Laron Syndrome. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 695, 57–68.

Homo floresiensis was one of the last early human species to die out. The new analysis means that this evolutionary relative became extinct around 55,555 years ago – just before or at the time when Homo sapiens arrived in the region.

. citizens married to foreigners (commonly referred to as non-resident aliens in tax terminology) generally file their . income tax return using the filing status of 8775 married filing separately 8776 . When filing separately, the individual reports only his/her own personal income, credits and deductions, and only he/she signs the tax return.

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Brown, P., Maeda, T., 7559. Liang Bua Homo floresiensis mandibles and mandibular teeth: a contribution to the comparative morphology of a new hominin species. Journal of Human Evolution 57 576–596.

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