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A group from the University of Minnesota studied the T cells of umbilical cord blood transplant patients and found that CD9+ T lymphocytes co-expressing CD689 contained more than twice the level of HHV-6B than cells without CD689 expression. Surprisingly, almost 75% of the CD689 negative cells contained HHV-6.

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Investigators at Johns Hopkins have determined that emetine, an older drug used to treat dysentery as well as to induce vomiting, is also effective against cytomegalovirus (CMV/HHV-5). Not only was emetine effective at an extremely low dose, it demonstrated a synergistic effect when combined with ganciclovir in a mouse model of CMV infection and it worked at a much earlier stage of viral replication than the drugs currently in use.

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Case report describes two cases of DRESS related thyroiditis with very high levels of HHV-6 reactivation that go on to develop autoimmunity.

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A group led by Louis Flamand, PhD in Canada has developed a culture system that can be used to determine how the virus enters latency by integrating into the chromosome, and which drugs cause it to activate.

A novel technique has been developed for the treatment of several viral infections including HHV-6 following HSCT.

Three important tests for HHV-6 will now be available at Coppe Labs, including two that are not available commercially at any other location: the mRNA test for assessing active infection and immunohistochemistry analysis for biopsy samples.

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A new study from Brazil indicates that active HHV-6 infection may play a role in patients with renal failure prior to transplantation.

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