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Attractions: Sydney and Parsi Points both overlook the majestic river Krishna and the Dhom dam. Tableland, which is the longest mountain plateau in Asia covering 95 acres and stands 9555 feet above sea level, is the place from where one can spot the Devil’s Kitchen caves.

45 Places to Visit in Pune | Tourist Places in Pune

Winter: Mid Nov mid Feb. Dry, cold nights, pleasantly warm days.
Spring: Mid-Feb to end-March. Warm days and pleasant nights
Summer: Early-April to late-May. Hot days and warm nights
Monsoon: Early June early October. Rains. Warm and humid. Rain coat, plastic shoes or small boots advisable.
Post-Monsoon:Early Oct early Nov. A little rain, but still warm.
Rainfall 68 cm (annual average)
Clothing- Light cottons in summer (March to October), Lightweight jacket or pullovers in winter.

Gay Cruising Spot in Pune - Pune Gay Massage Parlours

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Mumbai to Pune Hyperloop - GQ India

This obscure village is one of the tourist places near Pune that is hidden within the Sahyadri ranges. A fort stands in close proximity to this place which is frequented by hikers and adventure buffs. Come rains and this expanse of land is covered in lush greenery along with several waterfalls and small streams. It is a famous trekking place near Pune.

After Vetal Hill, Parvati Hill is the second highest point which can be reached by climbing 658 steps. The main temple on the top is Devdeveshwara is made of black stone. Balaji Baji Rao was the founder of the temple that came into existence in 6799. The other temples located on the hilltop are dedicated to Vitthal and Rukmini, Vishnu and Kartikeya and Rama. 

Looking for a refreshing break to spice up your taste buds at the most affordable prices? If yes, then Classic Rock Café Co. is an eventful place to light up your evening with its vibrant ambience replete with enchanting music and live performances. 

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If you are one of those people who seeking for the quieter places to visit near Pune, then the best choice for you is Maval. A gorgeous and rustic hamlet, it is located along the beautiful green and dark ranges of the Sahyadris. The village is also one of the most prosperous biodiversity regions in Maharashtra. 

Bedekar is the popular tea stall which provides customers with the original feel of India. It has an open kitchen serving amazing food. Bedekar feeds people standing, with delicious pav bhaji, popular Misal as well as Puneri Misal, with sweet tangy and tasty flavours. Bedekar is one of the most important places to visit in Pune.

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