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Date: 2018-02-13 09:49

Philly is a city of neighborhoods.  There are a few that are racially diverse. There are also many where one race predominates. You will find IRRs in all of them. It is the make up of those IRR that will differ. 

Interracial Friendly States, City by City, County by County!

As far as Boston is concerned, there 8767 s a lot of swirling going on here, but most of it doesn 8767 t involve black women. I 8767 d estimate that about 95% of the interracial couples I see up here consist of Asian women and white men. 

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I 8767 m brave! Lol
Sorry. Just being a smart ass.
It 8767 s getting a little intense in here, whoo.

ShanaeShayChapman I agree completely about St. Louis. When I was a kid I would frequently get excluded from birthday parties, etc. Again, I know that was a while ago, but a lot of people that I know who still live there are somewhat closed minded. I lived in Webster Groves, and can remember walking home in the 7th grade and someone yelling the N-word at me for no reason. I will not return. I am adopted, and my parents are Caucasian, so people always stared, assumed that I got bussed in from the inner-city areas, etc. It was bad. So experience all sides of the spectrum, there are other places for couples/families to have peace. 

I would like to say, as someone living in, and born in Rochester, NY (but have lived elsewhere), that it should be crossed off this list, and Albany, NY should DEFINITELY take its place. I have never seen more BWWM pairings than in Albany, and lots of bachelors willing to date interracially to boot, and I lived in NYC for 7 years. Albany is more into pairings like these than NYC even

Birmingham swirl friendly? It depends on who you ask. Definitely more bm/ww couples than bw/wm. It seems more in the suburban parts (Hoover, Trussville, yes Trussville) than in Birmingham proper. Also (under 95-95) crowd.

After Katrina, Former President Bill Clinton stated something to the fact that most black people could improve their lives by simply moving to more diverse neighborhoods where there is more concerned for education, safer and cleaner neighborhoods, etc.

The issue with Dallas is that the nightlife is horrible. Also, it is not really just meeting WM, dating is horrible. The men want you to approach them, ask them out, call them, will text you for months, etc. From talking to men, they are used to women being forward here, and feel that they don 8767 t have to try. With WM and I have asked, yes they are interested, but they are intimidated, so you have to soften your approach, and let them know you are interested.
It may be more about getting out more to be noticed Starbucks, Whole Foods, Klyde Warren Park, Dog parks if you have a dog. However, if you are looking for an exciting night scene, it is not happening. I used to go out dancing all of the time, and it has barely happened since moving here.

This is about more than single black women getting dates.  It is about gathering information that has been ignored by those who collect it and feature it to promote their local communities.  Being IRR friendly can and should be a selling point for the increasing number of IRR couples and families of all types out there.  Remember we are now 65 percent of the . population and growing.  Black women and non-black men are counted among that number but we are more than just single black women. I as a inter-racially married black women and those of us who are currently inter-racially coupled whether with kids or not would like this information because frankly we are a demographic that has been ignored and under served.

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