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Date: 2018-03-13 03:18

If you still don’t know how to start online flirting or think it’s too difficult for you, put aside all doubt. On a flirting site, you don’t need to do much. Just find singles you like, flirt online, and arrange a live date. Flirting is easy – you just stay positive, joke, and pay compliments to your chat partner about their personality and profile. And remember, by flirting online you’ll also pimp your skills in communicating with the opposite gender.

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I know a half-Indian girl who looks completely white, complete with blond hair and blue eyes. I only found out when I couldn 8767 t recognize her surname as anything European, and asked her where it came from.

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8775 mainstream American values like clubbing, drinking, slutting, one night stands, watching stupid TV, consumerism, stupid religions with no philosophy and all the rest that 8767 s on offer here 8776 . kind of hard to disagree with you on that one but lamentably enough, it has started affecting the people of Bharat. Oh, and also, the genuine PUAs/gamers are the last people whom you would expect to dig mainstream. Its one of the reasons which sets them apart. Mainstream advocates hopeless betatude. They don 8767 t.

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You are saying that white skin and blue eyes show superior gene pool. Well I don 8767 t think so. The main reason that Indian men get attracted to different eye color etc. (not all maybe some) is because different eye colors are rare among Indians and it 8767 s human nature to go for something that is rare.

Ha ha, very funny. You waited til the white man stole the land from the natives and then you swooped in and took advantage of the situation and culture the white man created. Not to mention that you come from a country that treated and still treats its own people horrifically. Caste system anyone? Suttee? Child brides? Bus Christians may irk you, but they often treat poor Indians in India with more love, kindness and respect than you do. No one has a monopoly on virtue and since you live in a glass house, you shouldn 8767 t throw stones.

Yoga centers (not gyms that teach yoga but actual yoga centers), yoga/meditation or new agey retreats, and east-west fusion cultural events.

Gawd do we need this sort of thing on the manosphere making all Indian men look like fetishistic perverts? Guys, take note: INDIAN MEN ARE NOT WHITE WOMAN FETISHISTS.
We are just like all other men, we like East Asian women.

Now to all the brown rok readers that read this, can we let this all fucking lie now please. Please don 8767 t bring it up again.

And many of us are very open to living in India for some time or even permanantly as long as we can come and go from our own countries and as long as we don 8767 t have to live in a joint family setting in India. There are some goris who are doing that now and they are miserable, so better to have your own separate place if you plan to bring your gori to India as well.

If you grow up around white people and see white girls every day, then you won 8767 t pedestalise them. To FOBs, white women are exotic! It 8767 s not safe for a white woman to travel alone in most parts of India

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