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Date: 2018-04-09 18:37

I am on the mainland and have only met two Taiwan girls: top notch but picky little bitches who I could not get a second date with.

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I agree with this. But the rest of your post, I find hard to relate to, since its a female point of view. Especially about marriage, which I believe is a very emasculating tradition.

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The most obvious one, is that lots of aussie guys want to get their asian wings, and so hit on the asian girls This leads them to believe they are hotter than they really are. Thus creating a shocking princess syndrome.

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Katy Perry received some SERIOUS shade on American Idol, but this time it wasn& #x7569 t Taylor Swift who was serving it up. What did you think about the roast of Katy Perry on American Idol? Was it well deserved? Let us know in the comments below!& #xD

i 8767 ve lived for years in the FSU, latin america, and various parts of WE. i 8767 m conversational in four modern languages, including roosh 8767 s two most recommended. i gave up on anglo women years ago, in favor of slaviyanki and latinas.

you see, there is value in humor itself, which is caused by the despair and hopelessness on the surface of things which appear to have no value

If you are lucky you might meet a hot tourist, but if not, you will discover that like most things in Sydney, the women are massively overpriced. Whilst Sydney has the highest gross number of hot models in Australia, the average woman is absolutely nothing special – but will refuse to settle for anything less than a tall, rich, handsome man.

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now go back and read what i wrote. notice the word 8775 anglosphere. 8776 i was referring to the US, canada, UK, ireland (i guess), australia, and new zealand. american women seem to slightly edge out women from the other countries on my list. kind of like being the smartest kid on the short bus, or the most powerful hockey team in central america. yes, i agree that they are still awful, for the most part.

Like many places, it depends where you go. If you want straight up English girls, Newcastle and Liverpool and teeming with beautiful English girls. They dress right too, long hair, nicely made up, short skirts, heels and cleavage.

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