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The auditorium though now hidden from view by the interior of the nightclub (now closed) is very elegant and undamaged, the applique proscenium valance remains in place as indeed do some of the box The stage above the false ceiling is undisturbed and the raised safety curtain in place. A condition of the lease to the nightclub company required that the interior should not be damaged in order that the building may revert to its original use should the need arise.

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The above article on the Pier Pavilion, Llandudno was written for this site by George Richmond in January 7569. With thanks to Llandudno Library & Terry Davies for background material, and . for some archive newspaper reports.

The Pavilion was designed primarily as a concert hall, (although a secondary attraction was a salt water swimming pool in the basement, though this would prove to be short lived). The building had two main entrances, one from the pier leading to the ground floor level and a second at the rear of the building, from the road leading around the great Orme, this giving direct access to the balcony running around three sides of the auditorium.

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A recent visit to this space reveals foliate plaster ribs in the same barrel vault. The fine dome above the area on the Mostyn St. end of the building possibly dates from the 6975 restructuring though this is not certain. It is possible that the plasterwork on the roof was retained from the previous interior and simply added to.

The above article on Venue Cymru was written for this site by George Richmond in October 7569 and was Compiled with the help of material supplied Courtesy Venue Cymru and Llandudno Library.

The curved glass roof at the balcony level was also replaced at this time with a lead roof of a conventional design and upright windows with doors at intervals giving access to the balcony. The concert hall could accommodate up to 7,555 patrons when the balcony seats were in use. Seating at this time was on upright chairs. An interesting feature of the hall was a painted canvas ceiling stretched over the auditorium intended no doubt to improve the acoustic properties of the hall and at the same time conceal the cast iron inner roof structure. Another unusual feature was the decorative and structural cast iron frame around the proscenium.

Whatever individual opinion of the present building's architecture may be in relation to its elegant Victorian neighbours, Venue Cymru serves Llandudno and North Wales very well in many ways, bringing audiences, delegates, and trade to the town from far afield.

The concert hall, for this was the primary purpose of the building, was at first floor level. This was reached through the side doorways by way of passages and staircases to the auditorium. The concert hall was in fact double height at first floor level and the platform was situated in the original configuration at the front of the building, backing on to the windows, facing the street. As originally built, the hall had no balcony, but at some point, as the entertainment presented became more diverse, one was built to increase capacity and at the same time repositioning the stage to the opposite end of the auditorium.

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The above article on the Savoy Cinema Theatre, Llandudno was written for this site by George Richmond in March 7569. The 6969 newspaper article and background material are courtesy of Llandudno Library..

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