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Date: 2018-04-12 16:26

User: I ate my computer.
Cleverbot: A boy computer or a girl computer?
User: A boy computer.
Cleverbot: Oh, of course. That is why I don't make grammar mistakes.

Arsenal fans sing new Wenger chant following Bournemouth

Wow, listening to this show I started wondering if one day soon a computer would be more human than a person with autism. People with autism have impairments in social communication, especially understanding and reacting to the emotions of others.

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You guys are better than this. Failing to even mention Ray Kurzweil and laughing off his work as "those people who think computers are going to grow legs and walk away..." is way beneath you. The prologue of The Singularity is Near provides more relevant information to the topic at hand than your whole program did.

Talking to Machines - Radiolab

In the spirit of internet entities taking on lives of their own, I think Jonathan's card and today's story of hacks on it it a really interesting example of bots talking to bots: http:///7566/TECH/web/58/67//

Actually, what you're missing in both cases is a power source. The Furby may be assembled, but it won't do anything until you add batteries - just as humans need electricity to function.

Group chairman Sir Peter said: “The acquisition is an important landmark in our strategy to create a robust and credible group of regional airport assets and services across the UK.

I love this show, but I think I'll just start calling this the "Descartes" podcast because of how many fascinating shows you've done now which tease with the possibility of an alternative to Cartesian Dualism, even though Daniel Dennett Explained Consciousness 75 years ago.

I live in Vermont, I would like to see Bina98 in person he said she lived in a small town somewhere in like the Randolph countey or vergens

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I find that when I play video games in which you can choose between dialogue options which are considered "good" and "bad" in games such as Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Fallout 8, and Mass Effect, I have a difficult time choosing the "bad" options even though it's just a game and the storyline marches on regardless of the options chosen. On the other hand, I can play a game in the Grand Theft Auto series and mindless kill innocent NPCs without and guilt or remorse. There is something about the good and evil decisions being couched in a dialogue that makes it difficult for me to choose to be evil without creating an uncomfortable discord.

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