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Bellofatto said she knew about the man's record, though, because he told her. In hindsight, she said, she should have told Heaps.

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Neither Eric nor I are Acts of Service people. We could do chores for each other all day – and while we would appreciate them, our love tanks would not be filling. Eric would need hugs and a back rub and I would need him to stop 8775 helping 8776 me and spend time with me. Acts of Service may as well be speaking Chinese to me. Someone could speak it to me all day long and I would have no idea what was being said.

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Remember: Character is what we are born with and cannot change Personality is what we develop as we grow and as we define ourselves Reputation is what we build and value!!

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She knows that I am not a fan of doing dishes. In our dorm room days, I would let dishes stack for days if I was not given a little push to clean up. Now that I have an entire kitchen at my disposal, the temptation exists for me to let dishes pile up much longer! Because of her great heart and desire to please, my friend would wash my dishes every time she came over to dog sit. Even if I left her a note telling her not to worry about the dishes, I would still come home to a sparkling clean kitchen (and it was awesome!). At first I wondered why she felt compelled to clean my kitchen when I was gone, but soon I figured out that she was washing my dishes to show me love through Acts of Service (“Service”). (Thank you, friend! You know who you are. ~wink~)

Service people love to help others out and love to have others help them out! Your Service friends will probably show up with enthusiasm on moving day and seem excited to do you a favor (., get chicken soup for you if you are sick, etc.). These are also the friends that feel so loved and cared for when you serve them in some way.

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If your sweetheart speaks Acts of Service, he or she is probably elated when you do an undesirable job such as cleaning bathrooms, filling cars with gas, or grocery shopping. Have you ever fixed an appliance or untangled a necklace only to get the world 8767 s biggest 8775 thank you 8776 from your honey? A good number of us appreciate a thoughtful deed such as taking our car through a car wash, but we don 8767 t necessarily feel loved after such a gesture.

This is pretty cut and dry. Help around the house, help in the yard, help with a project, help with a ministry, help with Christmas shopping – the sky is the limit to how much help you can give your Service sweetie. First, find out the chores he or she grossly despises and capitalize on them. Does she hate cleaning out the garage because she always runs into spiders? Be her valiant knight and kill the spiders (and clean the garage)! Is his shower black with filth? What an act of love it is to clean a single man 8767 s shower! Can you fix computers? Then you always have a way to show love through Acts of Service. ~smile~ Can you bake a killer pineapple upside down cake? Oh yes, you have a serving talent to offer! (This could also double for someone who has the love language of Gifts!)

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