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Upper Canada (Central Ontario) Marriage Database

Date: 2017-11-15 21:34

guest stars: Debi Richter (Daryl Ann), Don Cheadle (Darius Milton), Beverly Todd (Mrs. Milton), James Saito (Mr. Ashida), Michael Flanagan (Mr. Dahlgren), Anne Haney (Mrs. Nathan Schecter), Terrance Evans (Nathan Schecter), Tim Russ (Ben Childers), Cuba Gooding Jr. (gang kid), Michael Shillo (Unknown)
story: John Litvack & David Black teleplay: John Litvack director: John Patterson

Search and Discovery

guest stars: Gary Frank (Gerry Gaffney), Guy Boyd ( Irish Bobby Shields), Michael Durrell (Irv Luboff), Barney Martin (Ben Seltzer), Al Ruscio (Bernard Heiser), George D. Wallace (Judge Milton Cole), Lee Weaver (William Buck Naked Tully), Jack Murdock (Mr. Gilbert), Michael Ironside (Schrader), Debi Richter (Daryl Ann), Jane Alden (Myrna Schnitz), Biff Yeager (referee), Bruno Ragnucci (man), Milt Jamin (jury foreman)
story: Jeffrey Lewis & David Milch (based in part on an unpublished story by Darrell Ray and Alan Toy) teleplay: Jeffrey Lewis, Michael Wagner, Karen Hall & Mark Frost director: Thomas Carter

In2Streams On-Demand TV - Internet TV - TV Online - Watch

guest stars: Talia Balsam (Sally), Meg Tilly (hooker), Allan Rich (Judge Maurice Schiller), Morgan Woodward (Renko's dad), Rosanna Huffman (Rachel Goldblume), Debi Richter (hooker), John Ratzenberger (phoney cop #6), Eric Server (phoney cop #7), William Bogert (Carillo), William Bronder (Rusco), Mace (Pagano), Mike Finneran (transient), Michael Carmine (car thief), Robin Coleman (Coley), Ken Hill (doctor), Dean Wein (court officer)
story: Michael Kozoll & Steven Bochco teleplay: Steven Bochco, Anthony Yerkovich, Jeffrey Lewis & Michael Wagner director: Thomas Carter

My Sweater-Meat Kathie Lee Gifford Fantasy | C-S-S

The only witness to a massacre at a gay bar is an off-duty cop, Det. Art Bradley, who is reluctant to come forward for fear of losing his job and family. LaRue and Washington antics to catch the killer endanger the case. And Furillo forces Bradley to make a difficult choice.
A major power outage strikes the Hill during hot weather and officers are overburdened with problems resulting from the blackout. Calletano has a kidney stone. The Cisco Kid creates trouble on the Hill and Davenport has the honor of defending him. Goldblume offers to be Fay's natural childbirth coach.

guest stars: Marc Alaimo (Gene Scapizi), Bernie White (Carmelo), Don Sparks (Osgood), Gracie Harrison (Lori Tuttle), Bobby Jacoby (Unknown), Harris Laskawsky (Unknown)
story: Steve Bello, Neil Eglash, Jonathan Lemkin & Michael Wagner teleplay: Steve Bello director: Dale White

guest stars: Dennis Dugan ( Captain Freedom ), Robin Gammell (Douglas Comstock), John Karlen (corrupt officer), Janet Demay (Det. Emily Williams), Wayne Heffly (Gerson), Jerome Thor (Art Delgado), Harry Moses (Reagan), Milt Oberman (delivery boy), Gary Miller (Ballantine), Dwayne McGee (Webster), James Parkes (customer), Arnold Johnson (drunk), Mark Miyama (orderly), Roxanne Reese (nurse)
story: Michael Kozoll & Steven Bochco teleplay: Steven Bochco, Anthony Yerkovich, Jeffrey Lewis & Michael Wagner director: Georg Stanford Brown

gs: Bruce Kirby (Jack Donleavy), Dennis Franz (Det. Sal Benedetto), Karen Carlson (Nancy McCoy), Alexandra Johnson (Mary Hicks), Sandra J. Bertrelle (Kathleen Donleavy), Jack Starrett (Farley), Patrick Collins (Mr. Patrakis), Bill Forsythe (Richard Brady), Norman Alexander Gibbs (Smitty), Edwin Owens (Toby), Ed Hooks (superintendent), Lisa Sutton (Robin Tattglia), Sandra J. Bertelle (Kathleen Donleavy), Gary Miller (Ballantine)
story: Steven Bochco & Joseph Gunn teleplay: Anthony Yerkovich, Jeffrey Lewis, Michael Wagner & David Milch director: Christian Nyby II

guest stars: Edward James Olmos (Joe Gustimonti), . Preston (Ozzie Cleveland), Kene Holliday (Vernon Lee), Al Ruscio (Sosa), Jonathan Frakes (Eddie Simms), Kaaren Ragland (Pam Gilliam), Eric Laneuville (Wilbur Harmon), Howard Witt (unknown), Jeffrey Tambor (Alan Wachtel), Michael Collins (Zeiger), Ricco Ross (Tyler Bragg), Jim Tartan (coroner), Gary Miller (Webster), Dan Gilvezan (reporter), Mark Jordan (Wasserman), Mickey Cherney (Green), Jackie Millines (gang member), Glenn Mitchell Jones (gang member), Ezekiel Moss (gang member)
story: Michael Kozoll & Steven Bochco teleplay: Steven Bochco, Anthony Yerkovich, Jeffrey Lewis & Michael Wagner director: Thomas Carter

guest stars: Hector Elizondo (Inspector Joe Keenan), Lois De Banzie (Mrs. Crandall), Janet MacLachlan (Mrs. Simons), David Spielberg (Judge Lucas Fitzroy), Louis Giambalvo (Rob Nelson), Fred Coffin (Tony Yankovich), Roxanne Roll (Lotta Gue), Holly Lauren (Carla Walicki), James Arone (Louis Cray), Miguel Ferrer (Carlos), Renny Roker (attorney Byron Brown), Ken Lerner (Robert Silver)
story: Floyd Byars teleplay: David Stenn director: Jeff Bleckner

Jablonski and Robin keep a bedside vigil as Belker fights for his life. Buntz spearheads efforts to find the shooter, but his shakedown of a snitch nearly lands him in trouble. Davenport tries to help a woman caught in the middle of the investigation. Furillo kicks himself over detective's shooting and gets a pep talk from Goldblume.
Russo and Flaherty stalk a reported lion with humorous results. After a blackmailing hooker forces Renko to be honest with Daryl Ann about his infidelity, he and Hill turn the tables on her. Hunter is nervous when the review board calls him in a day early - reinstates his lieutenancy.

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