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Date: 2018-02-08 01:05

He wants us to remain friends, and hang out together on the weekends, but I don 8767 t know what to do. I really like him, and I 8767 m afraid it is going to be so hard being around him while he is looking for someone who can have his children.


June7, we are all works in progress (or as I 8767 d like to think of it, beautiful art paintings in progress). As someone who is self aware and wants to do the work to reveal all the 8775 optimal 8776 parts of yourself, that already makes you attractive 8 Get out there and make some lucky guy very happy :)

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My friends have told me that I need to find someone else. Maybe is the right thing to do. But I want to hold on because I love him so much and to be honest, I am not ready to end this. At least not now.

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Doesn’t matter if it’s at work, the grocery store, a bar or in the streets, Adventuresaurus Girl finds a crazy dating experience no matter where she goes. Readers can relate to her struggles, like going back and forth with the same date, and her short and to-the-point posts consistently keep you updated with her progress, failures and successes. Remember, life and dating is an adventure!

NM Babe, he sounds like a scammer. You can google Romance scam and you will understand more. There are many scammers on online dating sites. Take care

Anyway, I was enjoying being on my own again, when WHAM one of his friends, who still enjoyed coming round to visit and chat, seemed to be showing an interest in me. It was again, out of the blue, but was even more of an enigma to me. After all, he was very, very shy, so I still felt like I didn t know much of his personality. At first I was worried about his motives/intentions (. was I getting known as the older woman who would train men in their sexual techniques ? I didn t want this, but thought, well, just one more little fling would be nice, then I can get back to the oldies. Plus, he s absolutely gorgeous!

Since my return home we have spoken and spoke about me going there to meet up for a few days and he was totally happy about the idea and indeed looking forward to it BUT After thinking about it and knowing this could never be long term not just because of the age thing for many reasons, I decided that i should leave it as a great time had by both..a memory to always look back on fondly..Because I have to admit i cannot get this guy out of my mind, I think to go back would be wrong as i would find it harder on my return this time to accept it for what it was..a fun fling with a guy I have to try to be open to looking for someone who I can have a LTR With which i find hard to do usually as I feel I have commitment issues,

I 8767 m 98 my husband is 76 we have been together 7 years. people told us it would not last but here are married with a 5 year old daughter

When a friend tells you to "just be yourself," they probably don't know what you are like on a date. Even if you are the most awesome, relaxed, charming, smart and funny version of yourself with your friends, maybe that's not how you are on a date!

Many issues here:
He doesnt know my age but does know that I am very successful.
He is an athlete and is being pursued by many females.
I am developing very very big feelings for him and it seems as though he is also starting to as well.
I eventually do want to settle down with a man and have a family.
Should I RUN not walk from this fatal attraction!
Is it possible it could go anywhere?
I do not remember feeling this way about anyone before. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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