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Date: 2018-02-13 12:00

I 8767 m dating a handsome ,smart and kind loving man 65 years than me. I 8767 m 88 he 8767 s 69. He doesn 8767 t act like a child at all. He cares for me a real gentleman I get shocked and surprised. He amazed me all the time. Is it too good to be true? He never asked me for anything in months both make our own money. Its like all we want is eachothers time. We say we LOVE eachother. I ink he 8767 s my soulmate. Is it to soon? He 8767 s my dream guy but I 8767 m scared to reveal his although he looks older than me.

What Dating After 40 Is Like for Men

yes its got ups n downs but i am dating a 75 n am enyoing very much he looks around 85 in the other hand i loook in my late 75s but iam 97 we bing dating 8 amaizing months we r talking about marriege but i am concern 5 to 65 year from now!!!!!!! is gona be the same sex driv i am uncertain please advice

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Hi Perry. I agree that (no) men want to be put through endless tests. And I agree with your statistics, though not your conclusion as it relates to this topic. Yep, lots of grey divorce and mostly because women want out. (We can talk about why that 8767 s so another time.) That leaves a lot of divorced men who enjoyed being married. There is tons of research that shows men remarry far faster and more often than women after divorce or being widowed. Here 8767 s one such article. Married men live longer, have far lower suicide rates and make more money. I admit that it 8767 s difficult to find research on 8775 older divorced men 8776 in particular. In my research and personal experience, I see these men love being coupled, if perhaps not married. Interesting discussion. Bp

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True, Hollywood and media don 8767 t care about our happiness or well-being. But, it 8767 s really not their job to care about us, is it? Their only job is to make money. So, let 8767 s leave them to do what they do best and turn our attention to ourselves. It 8767 s up to us to us to figure out what we want and need, and then not blame anyone else if we don 8767 t get it.

Well I am planning to get married to this gal, she has been constantly saying that she never had anyone and it was me as the first guy in her life.

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Hi Rob. Thanks for sharing your POV. This, of course, goes both ways. We women have the bores, narcissists, stuck-on-your-ex, sex pig, etc. (Just off the top of my head.) We all have stuff to work on, right? But there are zillions of men and women who are lovely and fun and emotionally intelligent. Show up as your best self, educate yourself on the other sex, have fun and you will Find Her just like the women here will Find Him. Glad you 8767 re here. Bp

You obviously have a right to all your opinions, but I see so much anger and even hate there. It makes me sad. It 8767 s a good opportunity for others to check in with yourself and ask yourself what 8775 MEN ARE 8776 thoughts you are choosing to believe. If you find any that seem they may be possibly destructive I encourage you to find a way to give it some attention and see what you can learn about it. Figure out how holding on to that serves you, and learn how to get past your emotions to the truth.

I have to admit, I always assumed that guys weren 8767 t intuitive & that it was us women who had strong intuition, gut-instinct & the like. This article was an eye-opener!

Hi Debi. Well, I 8767 m glad you 8767 re here! I have several articles and programs to help you start learning how to meet men. Here is one: http:///meet-single-men/ . Stay with me and you will learn a ton. Hugs, Bp

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