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Date: 2018-03-12 01:07

some people are young and nothing
else and
some people are old and nothing
and some people are in between and
just in between.

and if the flies wore clothes on their
and all the buildings burned in
golden fire,
if heaven shook like a belly
and all the atom bombs began to
some people would be young and nothing
else and
some people old and nothing
and the rest would be the same
the rest would be the same.

the few who are different
are eliminated quickly enough
by the police, by their mothers, their
brothers, others; by

all that's left is what you




You know what, I suggest that if you have any time, I mean, any free second, please, read more history and learn more truth by traveling instead of stay on the Internet. And build up your own system that how you think about this world, even a single country of the east. And then you will find that you can think the problems your own way and you won't fooled or confused by western medium.
Next time, when you plan to have a conversation with a Chinese. Try to ask them how they developed in a short time rather than start with" how do you explain the child labourer in China?"
Trust me, though we will explain to youvery kindly with some jokes, in our hearts, you are the frog in well knows nothing of the great ocean.
What can I say?!🙂someone is always someone


Новое видео от [id81305366|Станислава Булгакова]!

What are some of the natural ways you would respond or react to the following situations:

👔⛔You've been fired
💰🚀You've got a big salary raise
🍲🙅‍♂️There's no food in the house, etc..?

Ever thought of that? Well, let's take a look at Kim's reactions and learn a thing or two vocab-wise, shall we?☺

I don't remember exactly what resource pack I took those situational cards from, but in case you'd like to use them in your classes, you can check them out in the comment section below👇 (I put my own little twist on them, though)


Come on!
She just do some favors for her mom or dad🙄
What are you guys thinking about? Is this worth to be shock?I even dont wanna explain...


🎼🎼🎼 Baby you will stay
Or come back some other day
You will love it anyway
Zanzibar (Zanzibar)
Zanzibar (Zanzibar)
Is not far

Hey come to Zanzibar
Lovely Zanzibar
If you know you will find
What you have in your mind
On Zanzibar
Tell no one where you are
And it's not too far
I'll be waiting for you on Zanzibar


1. Today’s task was done by me yesterday. But I wraped up task of 21 )) And I felt a pleasure to work with the psychology of relationships in English… Those are two of my favorite things to do))
2. Just video
3. Actually this time I don’t improve my speaking skill.. unfortunately.. 😔
4. Some grammar constructions Way too = much more – слишком много
Have you got that? – вы поняли? Уловили?
Why is that important?
5. What’s that all about – вот в чем суть
to wrap up – доделать, завершать
6. That was amazing day I spent my time with the dauther of my friend. I do love this small pretty girl ❤ and I haven’t seen her for a long time.. so we have a lot of fun )