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Classifieds: HIV Positive Track Coach May Have Infected 42 School Boys

Date: 2018-04-14 03:21

Небольшое интервью с Денисом Давыдовым, ВИЧ-инфицированным геем, сбежавшего от преследований в России в поисках убежища в Сан - Франциско. 

История взята отсюда: https://www.out.com/news-opinion/2017/12/14/watch-heartbreaking-story-hiv-positive-gay-man-who-fled-russia-seeking-asylum



It's her body, shouldn't she decide with whom she's willing to engage in sex with? Or is refusing to have sexual intercourse with an hiv-positive person now Politically Incorrect?

Porn star August Ames, 23, found dead in California | Daily Mail Online

Those close to Ames believe that she had taken her own life, telling online publication The Blast that she was prone to depression.

A recent online incident may have triggered the suspected suicide, sources close to the Ames said.

Ames recently suffered a torrent of online abuse after posting on Twitter that she would not be doing a scene with a male performer who had previously done gay porn.


Активист избирательного штаба Наврального бежал во Флориду, где сдался таможне и попросил убежища как "умирающий от СПИДа гей".


Receptive anal sex amongst gay men, partner HIV positive
0.82% (1:123)
Vaginal sex, source partner has late-stage disease
0.55% (1:180)


everyone is deleting the caption to this but this work is called “perfect lovers” by the gay artist felix gonzalez-torres. the piece is about the illness and death of his HIV-positive partner ross laycock:

For Untitled (Perfect Lovers) (1991), he synchronized two industrial clocks placed side by side. Inevitably, because batteries fail and things tend toward entropy, the clocks would slowly begin to advance at differing rates, out of sync, having moved, however briefly, perfectly together.


I Found Out I Was HIV Positive at a Gay Bar

What it's like to emerge from a life-changing moment into the arms of strangers.


Ilka Tanya Payán (1943-1996) was an actress from the Dominican Republic, known for her roles in popular telenovelas or Hollywood movies. Later in life, however, she became a devoted HIV/AIDS activist, after she contracted the virus herself.

She founded HOLA, The Hispanic Organization of Latin Actors, and also became an attorney practising immigration law in the United States. She discovered she was HIV-positive in 1986, and since began to raise awareness of the disease and break stereotypes and stigmas surrounding it. In 1993 she was a featured speaker at the United Nations panel for World Aids Day. During the last year of her life she worked for the Gay Men’s Health Crisis charity, in an effort to educate the public about prevention of the condition.