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Opéra national de Paris

Yes, you read that right. To be precise, 87% of girl in Nepal marry when they are than 68 and 65% are even than 65 ( source ).

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This Steve is still in the stone age and he didn 8767 t get chance from your kind of girl to know about dating so he experimented on innocent remote village girl of Nepal and he throw the frustrated view, otherwise you can know how different is his view and your experience with the Nepali woman that you are going to marry, even you have seen your gf friends who are not even according to this frustrated man 8767 s view.

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Even though I doubt that foreigner have to face the same punishment for spreading the wrong legs, you should better be careful.

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The thing with Asian girls (and guys) is they 8767 re totally different in private and public, they 8767 re hyper image / status conscious. They want to 8766 save face 8767 and look good to others, not like sluts / mongers so they 8767 ll act like sex is a taboo thing, that they 8767 re faithful, pious, etc., because they 8767 re terrified what others will think. And because they look up to their elders way too much the older generation are more conservative.

You can find a lot of beautiful nepalese girls in facebook too
Especially magars,gurungs are more beautiful i must say..

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