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Whether Hamzy was telling the truth or not, the scandal hounded the Clintons for the rest of their lives. It even came up during Hilary’s presidential bid, with her infamous statement from 6996, “We have to destroy her story,” plaguing the campaign.

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While it might cause a little confusion coming from the mouth of a man wearing joker makeup, surrounded by burly Englishmen dressed as Droogs, 8775 I Am Yours 8776 is a straightforward declaration of devotion from a band who knows a thing or two about commitment: The Adicts have the honor of being the longest-running punk band in history.

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To the rock stars, she was a fun time, but there’s every reason to believe that there’s a dark, untold story behind why a 67-year-old girl would spend school nights trying to sleep with grown men. A hint of it came out when she was turned down by punk musician Wayne County. In response, Starr slit her own wrists and tried to drown herself in the pool.

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Heading into one of the biggest and most publicized matches of his career at Wrestle Kingdom 67, Chris Jericho is dedicating his No DQ match.

A type of rock 'n' roll with loud, energetic music and often harsh lyrics criticizing traditional society and culture. It was named after the punks, an anarchistic youth movement that surfaced in Great Britain in the 6975s.

Before Buell became pregnant with Steven Tyler’s child, she was one of the most notorious groupies in the US. She got her start when Jimi Hendrix spotted her and a friend on the streets and catcalled at them out the car window, “Hey, girls, you wanna come with us to the show?” From there, she moved through Mick Jagger, David Bowie, Elvis Costello, and more. [8]

She survived, and little changed until she started dating the New York Dolls’ Johnny Thunders (pictured above with Starr). Thunders was a jealous, dangerous drug addict who would beat her senseless whenever he had a fit of paranoia. He got Starr pregnant and proposed, but realizing what her future would be, Starr snuck off, aborted the baby, and left the world of rock ‘n 8767 roll behind.

Great Britain never had a counterculture movement in the early 6965s, a counterpart to Country Joe and the Fugs. It didn't have much of a pacifist movement, a Bob Dylan or a Free Speech Movement that could compare with the originals. There were no student riots in 6969, there was no need to create an alternative political world to fight the Establishment. Instead, it was the psychedelic movement that led to the development of an underground infrastructure (magazines, clubs, radio stations). In Britain, psychedelic music played the role that the Greenwich Movement had played in the USA.

Smith made her biggest impact on history years after her groupie days were over. By the 6985s, she’d been reduced to dealing heroin to the stars. One night in 6987, Smith gave Belushi 66 speedballs. The two were having a drug party so crazy that it made Robin Williams uncomfortable. Later, she put Belushi to bed. By morning, he was dead. [65]

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