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Dating in nigerian

Date: 2017-11-15 16:20

A monthly publication that provides information on Nigeria and the world at large to Nigerians and Nigerian students studying in the Americas.

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So, make it a point to listen to your Nigerian woman, understand her, what makes her happy, and what makes her sad. Try to observe what she doesn’t like, and of course, avoid doing those things.

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You'll find that the appearance and behavior of Nigerian women will depend on what part of the country they live in. Women living in the North, for example, will be followers of the Islamic faith and it's rare to see a female Nigerian Muslim any further than a few feet from her husband.

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Whether the color of your skin, or because someone finds out either what your career is, or that you’re retired and receive a pension – expect to be looked at or even called “rich”. And, while it might make you feel uncomfortable, just know that it’s not meant to.

Don’t be afraid to show this to her physically, through something as simple and ‘innocent’ as a holding of the hand, or wrapping your arms around her for a big hug to bid her farewell’ for the night.

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You can accuse Ibrahim and his fellow Yahoo boys of a lot, but not laziness. Most of the low-level work involves searching for marks, which, in a politically relevant twist of irony, they call "Maga." (In Nigerian, the word means "dunce." Say, "Hi." You just met your new favorite fact.)

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9. If this is your first time dating an African woman you might pick up on the fact that they are very big on eye contact, will speak their mind, and expect the same communication and level of respect from you.

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