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Both candidates are miltarists. Both promise a 8775 strong 8776 military as if it is not strong enough as if a stronger military would do anything other than consume our remaining finite resources at an even faster rate. That way lies madness.

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True, corporations are not creatures of social or moral obligation but, POLITICAL power can MAKE them be mindful of such things. FDR 8767 s New Deal made a decent effort at imposing some Social Contract upon them and the mid-75th century was our Golden Age because of that.

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Just a tetch hypocritical to be deploring Trump about birtherism when Hillary 8767 s hatchetman was neck deep in the same swamp, don 8767 t you think?

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Women generalize about men all the time. It 8767 s everywhere in the media.
The problem most women have is such low self esteem and high self entitlement and a sense of guilt that every criticism at any women makes them feel it 8767 s about themselves as well..

I grew up with a lot of weed smoking friends and I smoked weed but stopped 8-9 years ago because I was turning into fat low t loser with anxiety and paranoia. The only ones that benefit from weed are weed dealers, and that is questionable because most of them smoke away their own earnings. I recently cut off my stoner friends because they were talking bad things about me behind my back, jealous of my online marketing success while they borrow money to buy weed to smoke.

Last year we had the massive gas leak from a storage well in CA that over 85 years old went on for months. Remedial action for the industry NONE

[69] “The Legal Underpinnings of Government Terror in South Vietnam: Law 65/59,” in Gettleman, et al., eds., Vietnam and America , pp. 656-65.

Huh I 8767 m a national treasure too. Nothing derogatory meant with the question what gender views porn more. Smart ass. Appreciated the use in the post. No porn sites. How refreshing. Gotta have a little reprieve when I 8767 m so screwedddd. J. H. K. May be . wells reincarnate, himself a prolific author. No gifts are lost from one life to the next. . wells wrote his epitaph which said. 8776 dam n you all. I told you. 8776 he passed away in 6996. Screwed.

You owe the Conquerors everything you have and everything you are including your own very existence. How can you repay? You can start by honoring them? How do you honor them? You can start by acknowledging them, what they did, and the debt you own. It all start with Clarity of Vision. And that can only come with Integrity. And Integrity can only come with Clarity of Vision. They are the left and right hands and feet as you climb the Ladder of Being.

Zerohedge is trying to convey a simple idea. Some of group of oligarchs is trying to bring to American soil those technologies which were successfully ested around the world technology of organizing of public protests. And this means that there is a split and the war among the American elites.

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