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Date: 2017-11-15 21:57

Because you realize this makes you no different from the bitter white guys who sit back and blame black guys for their lack of action

Why Do You Care If Black Guys Like Fat White Girls

I don 8767 t like white females, especially the pieces of shit that date Blacks. I 8767 m more into East Asian women. Looking at things globally, especially in the Far East, White guys have it made.

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But, I only have one life. And I know from other people s examples that, despite all the prejudice/misogyny/racism/whatever, I still have a chance at a good, happy life. If I wait for society to fix all of its issues before I accept that I have a shot at happiness, I will die an lonely old bitter woman.

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There may be more black men earning at the very highest levels than black women, but there are FAR more black men languishing at the lowest socio-economic levels with the lowest earning power than there are women.

Certain men are far more opposed to their women dating out than others are, as I 8767 ve noted in this particular comment section.

I do have problems finding a balance between shirts that don t look like tents and shirts that pull the buttons apart when I move my shoulders back (although this might be due to other issues with my build other than belly problems). It s particularly an issue with dress shirts where leaving the top button open isn t an option (although with those the suit hides a lot of the bagginess). I suppose if you were serious you could try for tailored clothes, but just trying on a whole bunch of shirts and discarding the ones that look bad seems to work OK for me.

How do you go about preserving your race? By murdering colored folks you feel threatened by? Or by sterilizing these people? Who granted you the right to sterilize these people and determine who they date or marry? Am not hating on white men. But I do hate on men who believe they 8767 ve got the right to go about sterilizing people under the threat of violence and murder. Why do you support white men who date black women? What color do you think their offspring (s) will be?

Slowly I am coming to terms with my weight. While I want to get healthier overall in order to reduce some health issues I have, I am starting to realize that I will never be super skinny with 6% body fat. I do have a concern about how I am perceived, which I know its something I shouldn&rsquo t worry about.

It doesn t, like nothing else has. It is just considerably easier to settle for what I ve been given than to waste my time in the pursuit of the unattainable.

Wait, I think I remember you. Why would you oppose an article like this for skinny dudes? I mean, are you so invested in this whole I m unfuckable because I m skinny thing that you will outright oppose anything that might even suggest otherwise?

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