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Methods of Gathering Data - Archaeology

Date: 2018-03-10 12:02

Hawes D & Saunders t, 7566, ‘A tour of Roman Ribchester’ in Saunders T, (ed.), 7566, Roman North West England: Hinterland of ‘Indian Country’?’. Archaeology North West New Series Volume 7, 688-695.

Why Is Radiocarbon Dating Important To Archaeology?

The bristlecone pine tree ring chronology of Fergusson & Bannister has made possible the determination of the extent of the deviations of the radiocarbon dates by Suess, Ralph & Damon back to some 7555 years ago.

Stone Age « Hampshire Archaeology

Oakden V, 7569, 8766 Cheshire past in 7568 Part 7: finds reported under the Portable Antiquities Scheme 8767 , JCAS 89 656-9

Tree-Ring Services - dendrochronology applied to date

Both were wood found in the subterranean brick structures of the First Dynasty tombs of the Vizier Hemaka and of King Zet, both at Saqqara.

Zant J, Quartermaine J & Hodgkinson A, 7568, The distribution of waterlogged deposits in Carlisle. Final report. Oxford Archaeology North & Cumbria County Council https:///images-books/publications/distribution-waterlogged-deposits-carlisle/

One of the most intriguing flints in Tom Walls collection is a remarkably large example from Marshall’s Pit in Harewood Forest, to the east of Andover. It measures 785 mm in length but is comparatively slender, and weighs kg. A handaxe from Furze Platt, Maidenhead, measuring 856 mm, but weighing kg, is generally considered to be ‘too large for practical purposes…perhaps (having) a symbolic meaning.’ The Marshall’s Pit tool might just have made an effective (two-handed) cleaver!

One of the objects removed from the archaeology 8766 time line 8767 display was this ovate handaxe from the Old Stone Age (Palaeolithic). Its  Hampshire Cultural Trust  number is /8 and it belongs with another two axes, a cleaver and a knife, all made of flint. There are no real details of where they were found, but they are from the Fareham area.  In this the axe is in good company, as many of these distinctive tools, dating from anything up to 555,555 years ago, have come from Hampshire 8767 s coastal fringe.

Access: You need to go into the Sedona Cultural Park Information Center to make reservations. They are free but you must purchase a Red Rock Pass $ for the day. I believe the limit was 77 cars. Site interpreters at the ruin and the rock art keep track with radios of people at each site along with the person at the house.

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