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Date: 2017-11-15 23:15

As I was warching Season Seven on dailymotion and I was watching a Flora Helia moment, it felt like Helia had hung out with Riven too much! That 8767 s all the spoilers I will give you:)

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In the thirteenth episode , she is seen with the others in the simulation room doing Harmonix Convergence. Later when the Sirenix Book appears and tells the Winx what they have to do to obtain Sirenix, Bloom does not understand what it means and Musa is also a bit perplexed and unsure. While they were looking for the source, knowing that they have gotten so far, she tells Stella that they should not stop. Later, she is seen on the boat applying sunscreen. Then, in Lake Roccaluce , she fights the monster created by Tritannus with Flora and Tecna. And then with everyone they do a Harmonix Convergence, saving the lake and gaining Sirenix.

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They seemed to imply that most of these worlds in the Magic Dimension are inter-racials, with people of different colors like Galatea and the Emperor of Melody (and/or species like Aisha 8767 s relatives on Andros).

She was applauded into the mounting yard and roared on the track with some of the crowd standing as she headed to her biggest stage.

Judging by your  Regal Academy collection so far, I think you would do well as the North American licensee for Winx Club . I hope you and Rainbow will consider the possibility.

In the fifteenth episode , the Winx were in the virtual chamber, swimming through an ocean setting trying to locate the Circle Reef. Musa says that it must be down here after Bloom says that they have to find the Coral Circle. Musa looks at it and says "The Coral Circle". Later they ask Stella to put some light and Musa says "Stella, hurry". Later she is seen with the others in their room when they are discussing how to defeat Tritannus Musa says "But how, they (the Mutants) attack whenever Tritannus commands". She is seen later in Solaria. Before Aisha calls, Musa says that they have to do it fast. In the Infinite Ocean they fight the Trix, Tritannus and the Mutants. Musa protects Flora by using Deafening Chord.

In " Secret of the Ruby Reef ", when she, Aisha , and Stella visit Melody , Tritannus tries to turn Aisha into a monster, but turns Musa into the monster instead after she jumps in front of Aisha to save her. When Musa as a monster meets Sonna , the Gatekeeper of the Oceans of Melody, she turns Musa back into her normal form by bonding with her. She, along with the rest of the Winx earned Sirenix in " Sirenix " and entered the Infinite Ocean along with their Selkies.

For the werewolves and almost starting a fight with Riven, I think Helia was still upset for his fight with Flora earlier in that episode.

Additionally, it is revealed in the first episode of Season 7 that the Winx's powers, Musa's included, are generated from dreams and thus, are closely linked with the World of Dreams. According to the Spirit of the World of Dreams , the Winx would lose their fairy magic should the World of Dreams fall into ruin.

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