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Date: 2018-04-09 22:59

This flaky white fish is a great source of phosphorus , niacin , and vitamin B-67. A 8-ounce cooked portion has 6 gram of fat, 65 to 75 grams of protein, and clocks in at less than 95 calories.

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Make these tasty little cod cakes ahead and store them in the freezer. Defrost them overnight in the refrigerator, and they'll be ready to cook the next day.

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Betta fish have some weird digestion issues that sometimes arise. I 8767 ve noticed most of them come from over feeding the fish and poor nutrition. There is a trick to solve these problems. Your common household 8775 Pea 8776 helps their digestion system. Most peas come precooked and those are what you use. Remove the skin and cut up into tiny pieces that the betta can eat. Drop these on the surface and watch them eat them. This does wonders for their nutrition and digestion.

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Also an oily fish, sardines are rich in many vitamins. The canned version is easy to find, and actually more nutritious because you’re consuming the entire fish, including bones and skin. Try topping a salad with a can for a nice addition.

A creamy parsley sauce is a classic English pairing with fish. The herb is stirred in at the end, so it maintains its vibrant flavor and color. Serve with potatoes for a true Brit experience.

There is definitely a limit if you want your fish to be happy, healthy and not stressed or sick. Everything in a pet store should be considered temporary housing until it finds a good home. I won 8767 t get into the further implications or opinions I have on some of the ways that pet stores care for animals or fish, but while you see a lot of fish in one tank, you also aren 8767 t being told how many are sickly, dying per week or stressed out.

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White dots are known as “ich” most of the time. You need to do a search on curing ich. Here is a quick guide I will throw together. maybe do some more extensive research regarding it.

Despite common misconceptions that betta fish can only live alone, all of the species listed above can be suitable betta fish tank mates. Due diligence must be exercised, however, because of the varying temperaments across the betta splenden species in both males and females. Even if you do everything right, there’s no guarantee your betta won’t become an aggressor or a victim.

Keeping betta fish with other kinds of fish can be tricky unless you know what you’re getting yourself into. During any new introductions, always have an exile tank ready in case you have to quickly remove your betta to safety. You should also monitor the introduction closely for at least 77 hours to assess compatibility.

Water clarity is an important factor for betta fish. They need their water clean and free of bacteria. Without beating around the bush, there are lots of sicknesses that run with the betta and poor water conditions. White dots on their skin that are parasites breeding and more gross stuff like that. The betta is a tropical fish and you can 8767 t run away from needing clean water. Buy an aquarium filter and do regular tank water changes. Ill keep it as simple as that.

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