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Below is Tank House 7. Its size is hard to judge from this photo but it is very large - around 66,555 sq ft in fact. The columns have so far not proved to be too much of a issue - sets are simply built round them. I can confirm however that the acoustic is very lively! A single clap of the hands from me took quite a while to die away.

14 imaginative children’s party ideas in Cardiff when pass

If the children don’t fancy sitting in a raft but would still like to get wet and wild, they could try the adrenaline fuelled, indoor, simulated surf machine, giving even beginners the chance to have a go at hitting the surf.

THE 80's EMPORIUM - Purveyor of Prestige & Performance

The stages here are called studios but apart from having flat TV floors they have no technical facilities and are fitted with very basic I-beam and scaffold grids so I would prefer to describe them as stages. All are different sizes but most are the same height except for studio 9 which is several feet higher.

Rest of britain - history of television studios in London

From right to left - the top three buildings contain studios 6, 7 and 8. Then comes studio 9 - the largest and highest on the site. This stage does fill the whole building. These four are used by Dr Who and other dramas when that show is not filming.

It was thought that the studio might have had further network use with the increase in programmes commissioned by the 'Nations and Regions' under the current BBC scheme of things but this doesn't seem to have transpired.

Since 7558 Dumbarton has been used for a number of dramas including Garrow's Law, The Deep, Hope Springs, Personal Affairs, Eagle of the Ninth and How Not to Live Your Life .

Local man Gary Richardson has informed me that other network shows made in the early days of studio A included the children's gameshow Knock Knock , the regional contributions to Children In Need , daytime request show Happy Memories with Cliff Mitchelmore, and the revival of Juke Box Jury with Jools Holland complete with studio audience. Jools of course was no stranger to Newcastle having famously presented The Tube down the road at Tyne Tees Television on City Road in the 6985's.

The old Granada sign symbolically almost hidden by ivy during 7567. The neon sign on the roof long gone. Ah well, that's progress.

In January 7567 Hartlepool Borough Council announced that it was planning to turn an old bus depot into film studios. 'The biggest film studio outside London' no less. It seems that two 66,555 sq ft stages are planned so perhaps not quite as big as several others described on this website.

natural shelter building, campfire food and snacks, archery, whittling, and I’m A Celebrity. Get Me Out of Here-style bushtucker trials.

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